I’m bang up for resources that are actually useful. There’s so much shite you can pay for on the internet that have no substantial follow-through, unless we’re talking about the poo-coloured, poo-smelling blusters of boastful copy selling you something you don’t need. It’s the digital equivalent of a shart. If it smells like shite and […]

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Sunshine on Sirromet

Imagine, a few bands suited to a family style picnic in the sun, reasonable prices for beer and (it has to be said pish) wine, a willing and exuberant audience and put it all together in a bowl, or at least the closest a Winery can get to a natural amphitheatre and you’ve a Day […]

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heat affected words

It’s too hot. I know I shouldn’t be moaning. But. This wee body of mine (by wee I mean short, I’m more than aware I’m a bit round for my height thank you) just isn’t built for squelchy sub-tropical heat and humidity. Anything below 11 degrees is comfortable. Otherwise I need drenching with cold water, […]

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prize winner

I won an award, my first. It was feckin awesome. Seriously. Awesome. Not the story you understand, the feeling. It was the QUT writing prize for postgraduate students 2009. I even got one of them giant novelty-sized cheques. In my celebratory cavorting I spilled red wine all over it. At first I thought, ‘Ahh shite. […]

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