the Disco lawns are done

the architects of these christmas lawn discos and vulgar vegas style light shows should be stripping down their housefronts and putting their displays away

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Santa’s boots

It’s so very hot and the fat man in the red suit is still wearing a woolly suit, a woollier fur lined hat, a giant beard and a pair of wellies. Or in the case of the one I saw in the shopping centre last week, it’s steel toe capped paramilitary boots. See for me, […]

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no words necessary

Is there ever a time for a writer when words are not necessary? Is it possible for a writer to keep their fingers closed, their pen hands silent? Aye, there is. Angela Slatter is an astonishing storyteller. She has a talent for drawing out the darkly twisted nature of her stories with such exquisite grace […]

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Smell the Redraft

I am up to my armpits in a redraft. I’m not very tall so it’s probably not that deep to you. But for me. It’s deep and dark and thick. Somedays it smells like a fiesta on the nostrils and others, well, it smells like what it is. Today the reek of shite has been […]

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