the secrets of football fiction

Here, I’ve posted a new entry on the football fiction blog. It’s about a chap book called The Secret of Scottish Football. It’s been written and put together by the talented Scotsman (Is there any other kind?) Andrew C. Ferguson and published as a limited edition by Writer’s Bloc – that’s the Edinburgh collective, not […]

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stuck under the desk

I recently finished the second draft of my wee book, handed it out to my trusted reader friends and then my head caved in. Not through anxiety or other fear driven emotional neuroses. My brain is not very big and it’s been forced to work really hard and now it’s tired. A sage like friend […]

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football fiction

Whistle’s gone, the updated newly, revised, refreshed football fiction blog has kicked off. I’ve followed the theme and built an entry around my very first football fiction post. I’ve even thrown in a scandalous (not really) argument about the origins of Aussie rules. Have a wee look at the simplest game’s football fiction edition Talking […]

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