Away games

The team had their photo at the weekend. It was early, really early. 7:00am. The woman running the show already had her knickers twisted so badly she looked like a lollipop stick in the middle of an elastic band. She gave us a row because not everyone was there, she kept checking on us, harrassed […]

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I, I should say ‘We’ (my family and me), have a very dear friend who takes amazin photies (the blog takes a sec to load). She’s very talented. She’s given us a voucher – one of them ‘please let me take yer pictures for free’ vouchers that arrive as often as a chicken visits the […]

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Barr Fletcher?

A very clever, very funny friend asked me to edit her very excellent short story. And I did. And she wrote a very funny, very gracious blog about it. Her blog is about first lines in novels. Its very, very cool. Have a wee look!

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normal service resumes

The wee yin had a cracking game this weekend, possibly her best yet. She was right in amongst it; winning tackles, dribbling the ball, fending off much bigger lads and demonstrating a little of the fearless courage I know is lurking beneath the girly-pink exterior. I was very proud. Awfully, terribly, grinning-widely proud. Except for […]

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u, f n c’s

On Saturday the wee yin’s team were a little lacklustre. The team they played, five goals to the good before half time, were not. The referee checked the time remaining with his henchman on the sideline; three minutes to go. “You could stop it now,” I suggested, and the M n D’s around our team’s […]

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