A bad loss and a big win

The last two game reports have gone missing because I was marking papers. It was a massive effort last week. And then this week I got smashed with the flu. The matches, the first poorly and the second extravagantly good, seem to be sitting on the opposite end of my see saw. The away match […]

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Angela Slatter’s new book The Girl with No Hands is being published very soon. It’s lush. Astonishingly good stories, gracefully and lyrically written and wrapped up in a delicious cover. It’s totally fuckin lush. And it’s gonnae be hooooooooge! Follow the link from her awesome blog.

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A real win

The wee yin’s fitba was cancelled. The other team (the weakest) decided a wee bit of rain was too much. So we had a knock about. Though only after the kids had chased each other round the park for twenty minutes because I forgot the equipment. I made amends by providing the funds for team […]

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