end of

Winter’s done, the wee yin’s football’s done. It’s grand final time on the telly. For a wee moment it felt like the doors werenae just closed to keep the cool, conditioned air in. So the end of season party in the park was awesome. The kids had a kickabout and we had cakes with green […]

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a moment of hair twirling

It’s the end of season break up barbie this saturday. Snags and bread and cakes and flasks of tea in the park. The wee yin’s first football season will be over. The final whistle blown (add other rubbish, cliched sporting analogies as you see fit). I’ll write the end of season report in its wake. […]

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Societal savagery

Voltaire, the french enlightenment fella. Very clever. I like him primarily because he said this… “We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilization.” Brilliant innit? It is if yer Scottish and I am. I’m also Australian but I’ll get back to that. He said it in the middle of the 18th century when […]

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