The Promise of Home

I wish I could write about Scotland the way Kári Gíslason writes about Iceland. In his quiet, restrained and I have to say magificent memoir The Promise of Iceland he explores his love of the country, its landscape and culture, its flaws and what he misses. Better than that, he articulates a set of emotions […]

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the best worst

“Tell me your kidding,” the wife said. It was the last time we managed a wee night out to the movies. I got caught, tongue trapped between my teeth, in front of the Final Destination 5 poster. I was desperately trying to stem the rising glee (real glee not high school musical psychosis), to herd […]

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I was a cyclops

Last week an eye infection reduced me to real myopia, not just the football fan kind. The glare of a clouded sky was enough to cripple my vision. A ten minute spell in front of my computer reduced me to tears – just in the dodgy eye right enough. It was weird though, because there […]

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