stops making sense

Do we ever treat writers like footballers (soccer players if you’re in the US or Oz)? The Brisbane Roar, my local team, had been having a good season until recently. Five losses on the bounce considerably reduced their snarl. Their status as code and local darlings has been replaced (rather quickly) with repugnance by all […]

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Rituals are a strange beast. I’ve been part of a few. Especially working at the Council where the line “But we’ve been doing it this way for…” rung in my ears. Most, but not all, of the positive ones, I have to say are connected with football or writing. Like most writers I nest at […]

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I’m knocking together a book proposal for a non-fiction football text (if anyone has any tips, I’d love, LOVE, to hear them!). The sample to go with it is… eh, lets call it a wee bit slack. Nothing a coupla spanners won’t fix. I’m on here because it needs a breather and because straight off […]

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Brisbane Roars

Slipping into my blog skin has been good for me. I’ve just posted a new football post on the football fiction edition of this blog. There will be football. There will always be football. Congratulations to the Roar.

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