strange bOUnce

The beAUtiful, bURgeoning football essay/fiction/satire website strange bOUnce very recently picked up some of my football fiction.

Its a rejuvenated version of what seems like an old, old piece. It’s crisper now, fresher and, against the backdrop of a cracking website, I’d even go as far as to say, vibrant.

The site itself is attractive, not because three almost-handsome blokes are manouvering their media skills around it, because, despite the caricatures around its edges, it offers something a wee bit new and a lot different.

Unless you’re Brian Glanville’s harddrive (that’s one for the football writing fans), or have every rare copy of Perfect Pitch Simon Kuper’s literary football journal (which was brilliant by the way, Simon!), it’s unlikely you’ve seen such diverse content regarding football in one place. strange bOUnce makes for a wonderful mix. Textured with the obligatory razorsharp commentary and sometimes hammy humour, there’s a wistfulness in the way creative non-fiction and fiction pieces sit alongside each other. Like I said, it’s different. I really like it, which is why I’m happy to have my wares on there – more to come in the future too. They asked me to look at something involving AFL? The planted seed has sprouted.

Sophoclean Soccer, my first piece for them, starts below, but you should hit the links and have a look at the rest of the site too.

Thank you.

“Car mon, United, pull yer finger out!” Scanner shouts. He sniffs beside the stoic Joe and paces the sideline like a dog behind a fence. The boys on the pitch could do with the bite. They’d be under siege if they knew what resistance was. No wooden horses needed here. If Paris and Hector and the rest of them over the shoulder toga holders were relying on this lot, they wouldn’t have lasted ten minutes… read more here

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