Hail hail Postecoglou

I’ve written a new football blogpost. You can read it here.

It’s about my theory that Ange may have been planning the Brisbane Roar’s dip in form earlier in the season. Like it was all part of some longer narrative. It builds the story. Dropping a few points off the pace and resting up for a rousing return. Seriously I know its not, but it looks like it from a writer’s view, someone whose looking for the story and it made me wonder.

I also got to thinking about the process and planning in writing a novel. It’s an enormous job. There’s the stellar, attention-grabbing opening, the difficult middle and the brazen, blazing climax. I thought about the planning and the motivation and the discipline that goes into sitting down and writing multiple drafts of the same story. The heartache of binning a favourite character because secretly you know there’s no place for them and the striving for simplicity and keeping something fresh when you’ve been working on it for months. And I’m thinking about ways around and through these various challenges. I’m running a short course on how to start your novel in early July, so these are notes to myself more than anything else. Something to think about, while I’m watching Ange work his magic and wondering.

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