The ball is round

The phrase I keep coming back to when I write about football is ‘the ball is round’. The statement may have added significance here in Australia where the sporting landscape is dominated by handled ovoidian sports, but it would mean the same thing in any context. The phrase comes from a much bigger expression about […]

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Listening to Writers

I listened to Ryan O’Neill on RN today. When he was given the chance to talk he had some very practical things to say about writing. Particularly about getting it done. Writing is the hardest part, he said. Graham Green wrote every day he said. 500 words. Its not a lot is it. You keep […]

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Getting ti r e d e r

I’ve committed myself to writing about the 2012 European Championships on a daily basis. How hard can it be? There’s only work, a young family and the games start at 2 and 5am or there abouts. I try and sleep between the games or if its shite, I’ll have a wee snooze. Problem is there’s […]

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A book in a day.

It was an incredible thing to witness. A room full of writers smashin out their words, the stress, the tension, the excitement, the stories. They wrote and and a team of editers edited and together with the support of the future of the book and the Queensland Writers Centre, they produced a whole brand new […]

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24 hours, 9 writers, 1 book!

This afternoon I’m going to go an help out at the most amazing of projects. The 24 hour book will see a book produced in 24 hours. I guess that’s where the name for the project came from. Seriously, it’s astonishing. From Go to Whoa. They start at midday today. Nine writers, local and very […]

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