tell your story walking

Besides write about writing about football, I’m going to further impress upon your patience with another keen interest – location-based storytelling. I’m working on some research around it, because I did a wee bit a couple of years ago. But really its because the use of words and images and sound and puzzles in mostly specific places (often using tech) to tell stories baffles, befuddles and fascinates me. How is it that walking around a particular place getting your story delivered can be so engaging?

See, I like to sit on my arse and read. Football books, comics, novels, gardening books, big mug a tea, some of the lassies home made biscuits and a wee read, Fkn Brilliant.

I would imagine, I’m not on my own. Unless, of course, you’re like my sister in law and have a mortal offense mechanism that stops you from reading.

However, after sitting on my arse writing and working (email and marking and aw that there), I still need a story. So I think it’s absolutely magic that we can find ways to engage with stories that get us off our arses.

imgresOne of the best ever is Zombies Run! by the fantastically talented writer, novelist, gamer, and all round lovely person, Naomi Alderman. It’s an awesome zombie chase audio exercise game/story that has you carrying out a mission while you do yer daily. Better still, it works around the tunes from your own playlists. It is amazin’.

You don’t need to breaking a sweat though.


This guy, Matt Blackwood is a writer, an artist, more than a bit of ideas man and he knows a  thing or  two about the right word in the right place. He knows it  better than  most. In fact, he’s a fkn expert at it. This series of  concrete poems is a  very fine example of his work.

His work and Naomi’s too, continually find ways to challenge how we think about words and the places we find them. It’s a great place to start a wee bit of research, int it?

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