Story City

maharam's City of Words 399497
maharam’s City of Words 399497

Early last year, Emily Craven, Dan L. and I were having coffee. We met at Kelvingrove to discuss Locative Literature and the possibility that there was a way the University might be able to connect with Emily’s work. I’d pressganged Dan into being there. He and I had just started work on a journal article that would allow me to turn my locative literature experience into some sort of research output. (It’s a work in progress, which I will finally have some proper time for in the coming months.)

Emily amazes me. Her blog, The Original Fantasy highlights her storytelling in novels, podcasts series, her webinars, her high levels of energy and commitment to her craft and always looking to break new ground are a shining example of someone who loves it and is literally just doing it. She’s also has been responsible for the last three iterations of Brisbane City Council’s excellent Street Reads initiative. With Emily guiding the process, local writers, established and emerging, are able to work with artists and tech-sperts and friendly Council staff to work together on rich media, multiplatform, location-based storytelling projects and get paid for it! It’s a win win win. For the council, for creators and for the people up for engaging with stories in familiar and sometimes unfamiliar ways in places.

Emily, charged with her usual enthusiasm, had just come off the back of a very solid grant success and had been thinking about a name for a new locative storytelling initiative that would see her project develop a rich cluster of exciting projects. They fall under the umbrella of the awesomely titled, Story City. The name emerged out of that conversation with Dan and Emily and I and, as I knew it would, the project has since taken on a dynamic life. Have a look… Story City

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