An excellent contribution from Sepp!


Living in Australia has its ups and downs in terms of football. They’ve tended to rise and fall on the back of Socceroos success, but things have changed a great deal. There’s been some big ticket sales for the exhibition matches played in Melbourne recently with Real Madrid Roma and Manchester City demonstrating how far removed from the working person they are. Liverpool and Villareal have toured recently too. These brands illustrate that its less to do with football and much more to do with fleecing those less likely to pay $200 for a Katy Perry ticket. It’s bullshit, but at least we get to see some football in the winter.

Liverpool’s visit to Brisbane (July 17) even at the  exorbitant cost of $100 a ticket, sold over 50,000. Compare that to the next night (July 18) when the same stadium hosted the Wallabies and a little over 35,000 others, or the Sunday night (July 19) the Broncos NRL filled a few more seats with an estimated crowd of 37,000.

It’s not indicative of anything for anyone other than me. It proves nothing. Liverpool are one of the 10 biggest clubs in the world; the Wallabies game was effectively World Cup prep; and the Broncos were playing a regular league match. But. I like to think its indicative of the swell. It feels like the game is really chapping on the Aussie mainstream sports code door. It does so confidently because it knows there’s now a seat at the table. Even though the others won’t let them have it. The sport seems to be everywhere. In the news, in the parks and in the mouths of babes. My eldest asked me if she can play for a club as well as the school team.

And I have to say, Sepp is responsible for some of it. If not for his lying and stealing and cheating I would not have people who know nothing of the sport sending me links and asking me questions. Septic Sepp has unwittingly done a great deal to raise the profile of the sport in this country. It’s not what you could reasonably call a positive contribution, Sepp, but its been effective none the less. Have a look, this is The Blaggard at his best.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, Sepp. I don’t care what every one is saying about you. I think you’re all right.

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