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After the transfer from Blogger to wordpress, the football fiction blog didn’t manage to pick up where it left off and is yet to find its form in its new home. I am hoping to rectify that in the near future. In the meantime you can have a wee look at its former glories…the simplest game’s football fiction edition

Discussing fictionalised accounts of the sport is important for my research. I write football fiction. And I know why too. I love reading them. Always have. It started with a short story I read when I was really young (10 maybe or 11 – a long time ago). It was about a football tournament in the future and the downfall of the world’s greatest player. He had this amazing banana shot keepers couldn’t stop. He was so good they made a special ball which when he kicked it, froze him in ice. His career was over and the baddies got their way. It was exciting, intriguing and tragic. I loved it. I’ve never been able to find the story. Not remembering anything else about it hasn’t help.

Ever since, I’ve wanted to read stories like it. There aren’t too many around. I feel obliged to fill the gap. I’m researching and studying something I’ve always wanted to do. Hey I know how lucky I am, I just wanted to let you know.

I have a bookshelf (now shelves) specifically for football fiction. It was inspired by The Lifted Brow, the most excellent Australian literary journal whose fourth issue was all about a fake book shelf. The football fiction shelf isn’t fake right enough, it’s bending under the weight of the books I’ve found.

The simplest game existed as a blog long before someone told me I should front up and attach my name to it. If you’re interested in the older bolder guff, insightful interviews and worldly reviews have a look. It’s all about

7 thoughts on “football fiction

  1. Hi Lee – what a great niche to find! Being a fellow Scot in Brisbane (albeit a female one who is not the biggest fitba fan) I can see there would be a huge market for this stuff – especially in the UK. My dad and brothers would love this (especially if it somehow praised Celtic. My 8 month old daughter even has a Celtic strip and my dog has a Celtic collar – not bought by me!).

    I saw your article in the QWC website, and think I have heard your dulcit tones while browsing in Riverbend – I always hone in on a Scottish accent.

    I am drafting my first attempt at a novel, but already have hopes of the second being set in Scotland, and have something to do with whiskey and illicit stills…

    Good luck with it all 🙂

  2. I live in India, where people hide their secret passion for the beautiful game under cricket-club jerseys. We are a minority, the fans here, bulking under the pressure of a world-heavy-weights, wishing away that someday during our life time we would see our nation participate in the World Cup.

    I wrote a 135page first-attempt draft on a underdog story, where a Indian village boy would get to train at a finest club of London, and yet the dream would just remain out of his grasp.

    People said, don’t write it, it’s a bad niche.

    I still wish that got published.

    1. My whole PhD is about the niche you’ve written into.
      There’s lots of it and there’s some really brilliant writing in the genre too.
      I think it’s great you’ve written it.
      Maybe you could write is as an series and post it somewhere like strangebOUnce they’re always looking for work.

    2. News that the Kindle is to go on sale in India is fabulous news for authors such as myself who write about the greatest of games.

      Hopefully, they’ll discover my novels The Crew and Top Dog and I’ll be off and running! 😀

  3. Apologies for the late reply, but you’re not wrong Doougie. Its the only place in the World the Newspaper industry is on the rise and the beautiful game is picking up popularity too. There’s no reason your work wouldn’t do well!

    1. Thanks craftyandco – at first I thought, awesome that’s so brilliant. Then I thought what if its no longer as good as I have made it in my head? Do I really want to burst the bubble.
      Nevertheless, I’m very grateful!!

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