…a wee run down…

Here. This Place. It’s where I’ll make a stand. Not necessarily against the world. Not necessarily against anything. Just a stand. Staring at the big sky from the window beside my desk in a comfy wee office filled with books I should be reading instead of messing about with electronica.

This blog is the end result of some good advice from the CEO at the QWC, the ‘career strategy’ urgings of a very good friend (her blog is in the links) and a fair auld amount of pure unadulterated distraction.

3 thoughts on “…a wee run down…

  1. I’m trying to get going on my senior thesis….essentially just a big research paper. I was told to “have fun with it”, do something I enjoy. So what I’m hoping to write on is the role of football in literature. It’s broad for a thesis so I’m thinking, based on what little I’ve read already, that I might want to focus on the role it has on the identity of characters and their culture…still pretty broad.

    Anyway, I came across your blog when I was searching for any lead on some more sources. The majority of works I’ve found so far are largely nonfiction, with the exception of “The Global Game: Writers on Soccer”, which I haven’t yet had time to finish. I also noticed “The Hope that Kills Us” on your new blog which I’m trying to get a copy of now. Basically, I was wondering if you might be able to suggest some other fiction works that I could use. It’s just so hard to find much football literature in the US. Love what you’re doing with the blog.

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