Lee McGowan

Lee McGowan is a writer. He wants to be a good one. He’s obsessed with writing, reading and football. He loves his girls more. Combining obsessions makes life easier or so he thought. He recently completed a PhD in Creative Writing at QUT, Brisbane where he also teaches. It was painful. The teaching is not.

At present, you can read, and even listen to, some of his less serious work on the QUT site, nowalls.

This will take you to the football fiction blog where all of this started the simplest game.

6 thoughts on “Lee McGowan

  1. Hi Lee
    I like your stuff.
    I run a (paid) reading/performace event called “No Frontiers” in Brisbane. Would you like to be one of our guests on April 10th?
    Duncan Richardson

  2. Hi Lee
    Our singer for Saturday has pulled out – do you know any good solo musicians/singers?

  3. Could you please get off your butt and start blogging so’s we can know what you are up to (easy answer, No Good) in the US and UK?

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