what football is really about…

It’s been coming for a while, but now the season’s over I have a chance to make a clean break. I’ve increasingly found myself consciously decoupling from EPL football. The new deal will see a sickening $5.1bn spewed all over the EPL at a time when the last eight teams in the Champions League are worth enough […]

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Who doesnae love a Yarn?

When people say, “if you love stories, you’ll love Yarn (or whatever event or object they’re punting)” you can usually smell the reek of shite off the words as they exit the speaker’s mouth. In this case, I have to say it’s true. Yarn is lovable. No shite, or at least its kept to a bare […]

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brisbane ROARS on the radio

On Friday 5 September, Geoff Woolcock of The Footy Almanac, Nicholas Turner from the Match Day Burger and I were on ABC 612 for an hour with Kelly Higgins-Devine talking about football. Well, we were talking about sports writing from a fan’s perspective, but I talked about football. A lot. Aye, that’s right. I was on […]

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brisbane ROARS

I’ve finally got around to launching my new project…. Football Histories tend to be the work of archivalists, historians and professional sports writers. More recently, we’ve seen the rise of the fan’s story. Whether they’re a hooligan ‘hit and tell’ or an erudite account of soul churning angst of the supporter, these works tend to […]

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table football at a Biennale?

Hey I’m really sorry. I thought doing a PhD kept me busy, then I started trying to build a ‘track record’ as an early career academic. At the moment I’ve 5 different creative, academic, and other ‘works’ under submission. I’m currently working days on this… Total Dik! and teaching evenings at QUT. It’s been chaos. […]

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Teacake, dinner and writers

I’ve posted more Roar reviews on this site’s footballing sister. This weekend I was down in gorgeous Stanthorpe to present a writing workshop to the friendliest people in town – and that’s saying something because me n the wife met some incredibly friendly people down there. We stayed at incredibly comfortable (and excellent value for […]

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Brisbane Roars

I’m working on a Bribane Roar project. I’ve got my season ticket and caught my first home game last night. A 5-0 win against Melbourne Victory. I’ve written about it here…In Rado We Trust! It’ll be up on thefootyalmanac site too. I’m going to be moving that stuff to the new project site very soon. […]

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