A book in a day.

It was an incredible thing to witness. A room full of writers smashin out their words, the stress, the tension, the excitement, the stories. They wrote and and a team of editers edited and together with the support of the future of the book and the Queensland Writers Centre, they produced a whole brand new […]

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Lushest – two books, one author

I discussed The Girl with No Hands recently-Lush! Last week (or the week before I can’t remember) I took delivery of another amazing collection by the same author. And Sourdough is even lusher. Published by Tartarus Press, it’s quickly shouldered its silky stories and well-crafted outer onto my favourite books shelf. I feel a wee […]

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Angela Slatter’s new book The Girl with No Hands is being published very soon. It’s lush. Astonishingly good stories, gracefully and lyrically written and wrapped up in a delicious cover. It’s totally fuckin lush. And it’s gonnae be hooooooooge! Follow the link from her awesome blog.

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stuck under the desk

I recently finished the second draft of my wee book, handed it out to my trusted reader friends and then my head caved in. Not through anxiety or other fear driven emotional neuroses. My brain is not very big and it’s been forced to work really hard and now it’s tired. A sage like friend […]

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