brisbane ROARS on the radio

On Friday 5 September, Geoff Woolcock of The Footy Almanac, Nicholas Turner from the Match Day Burger and I were on ABC 612 for an hour with Kelly Higgins-Devine talking about football. Well, we were talking about sports writing from a fan’s perspective, but I talked about football. A lot. Aye, that’s right. I was on […]

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Brisbane Roars

I’m working on a Bribane Roar project. I’ve got my season ticket and caught my first home game last night. A 5-0 win against Melbourne Victory. I’ve written about it here…In Rado We Trust! It’ll be up on thefootyalmanac site too. I’m going to be moving that stuff to the new project site very soon. […]

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I’ve just posted to my football blog. The piece is about Ange Postecoglou, the Brisbane Roar Coach – his and Brisbane Roar’s amazing achievements and the proportionate lack of gratitude shown by the Brisbane media. He’s not leaving for money he was offered plenty to stay. I was gutted when I heard Channel Nine ‘News‘ […]

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A sporting Gormley?

The Darren Lockyer statue was unveiled outside Suncorp stadium in Brisbane recently. It’s a beauty, looks just like him. Now we can remember him the way… wait a minute… he’s not dead, he only retired about 20 minutes ago. I’ve been informed the public are not allowed to lay hands on the statue… while it […]

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Calling all Roar fans…

I’ll be using my football writing blog HERE to start formailising ideas for two fairly substantial research projects. I know. I’ve just finished a PhD etc etc… The wife thinks I’m mental. She knows my love for this stuff runs deep and knows my love for her runs deeper still. I wanted to reiterate my […]

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Hail hail Postecoglou

I’ve written a new football blogpost. You can read it here. It’s about my theory that Ange may have been planning the Brisbane Roar’s dip in form earlier in the season. Like it was all part of some longer narrative. It builds the story. Dropping a few points off the pace and resting up for […]

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Brisbane Roars

It must be something in the water, not the floodwaters (my heart goes out to those affected). I’m talking about football here. And AfL and League and Union too. Most recently Brisbane Roars women’s team were runners’ up in the 2012 Westfield W-League. They are a remarkable side. I’ve written about them on the football […]

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