end of

Winter’s done, the wee yin’s football’s done. It’s grand final time on the telly. For a wee moment it felt like the doors werenae just closed to keep the cool, conditioned air in. So the end of season party in the park was awesome. The kids had a kickabout and we had cakes with green […]

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A real win

The wee yin’s fitba was cancelled. The other team (the weakest) decided a wee bit of rain was too much. So we had a knock about. Though only after the kids had chased each other round the park for twenty minutes because I forgot the equipment. I made amends by providing the funds for team […]

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First game…

Amid fears and worries and concern, my wee lassie is the weeest person in her team, the team came through their first league game intact. The result’s not important. That they had fun is the what we need to keep at the forefront of our minds.It’s all about the participation innit? Taking part is more […]

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