brisbane ROARS on the radio

On Friday 5 September, Geoff Woolcock of The Footy Almanac, Nicholas Turner from the Match Day Burger and I were on ABC 612 for an hour with Kelly Higgins-Devine talking about football. Well, we were talking about sports writing from a fan’s perspective, but I talked about football. A lot. Aye, that’s right. I was on […]

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found stories

I’ve been working on several projects of late and I will tell you about them (not all today though) – they’ve been getting in the way of blogging. I will mention one project. Street Reads is a new Brisbane City Council initiative. Each story will involve readers/participants picking the story up from QR codes on […]

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hunkered in the bunker

Spent a couple of days writing. I know. It shouldn’t be a surprise. I’m supposed to be a writer. The semester and prep for it (4/5 months worth) was so brutally busy, finding lumps of time to wrestle with wordage were hard to come by. It was difficult enough to make company of the wee […]

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Getting ti r e d e r

I’ve committed myself to writing about the 2012 European Championships on a daily basis. How hard can it be? There’s only work, a young family and the games start at 2 and 5am or there abouts. I try and sleep between the games or if its shite, I’ll have a wee snooze. Problem is there’s […]

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I saw a poster in a bus shelter this week. It was for a huge, relatively new, chain of renovator’s shops. I think they’re attached to a very large supermarket company. They sell tools and bulbs and paint and nails and bbqs and outdoor furniture. The poster made me laugh. It’s supposed to show us […]

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I’m knocking together a book proposal for a non-fiction football text (if anyone has any tips, I’d love, LOVE, to hear them!). The sample to go with it is… eh, lets call it a wee bit slack. Nothing a coupla spanners won’t fix. I’m on here because it needs a breather and because straight off […]

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social media hooring

I’ve been caught in the river of Twitter. It’s amazing and baffling and to be honest, beyond my ken. I’m not nearly fast enough or fit enough to keep up, but taking a plunge is helluva refreshing. Last weekend I went to the awesome Digital Writers Conference at the Edge (an amazin digital cultural place […]

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